Masonic Gifts


At 71 my father’s been a freemason for almost thirty years and I know, without knowing much of what goes on in his meetings, that he takes great pride and pleasure at those gatherings. I’ve met some of his ”brothers” and although I can’t really see the appeal, they seem like a nice bunch of men. Always friendly and helpful.

My Mother passed away

My mother passed away some three years ago now. My parents were married for over 40 years and it left a big hole in my father’s life. The lodge meetings has given my father something to be involved with and I know it has helped him during his grieving.

Many Lodges

He doesn’t just belong to one lodge. He has several that he visits regularly and that keeps him busy and gets him out of the house at least 20 times a year, sometimes more as he attends some of the instruction meetings as well.

Other freemason Orders

A Masonic Gift for my Father

I thought that as he approaches his 30th year as a mason, it would be nice to buy him a present to celebrate. It would make sense that this is a Freemason related gift in some way.

He’s got various bits of regalia that he takes to each meeting so it was hard to come up with something that he doesn’t have. My sister, who knows a bit more about freemasonry than I, contacted my cousin, also a Freemason for some ideas. Someone suggested this Masonic Gifts website to visit.

Freemason Gift Ideas

Eventually we decided that a Masonic ring would make an ideal present. I wanted to get something that had a Masonic design, a square and compass are “craft” symbols I was told. So that was our criteria. And also something regal but not too expensive. But not cheap either a a ring that looked good and well made. Something that celebrates my father’s journey through great masonry.

We Chose a Freemason Ring

Eventually I found the Freemason Gold ring Here. The site is very easy to use and I just went straight to the craft ring selection and made my choice. The great thing about the site is that it’s run by masons so they select the best of the bunch.

I now have to wrap the ring and present it to by father at our next family gathering. I know he’ll be surprised and very pleased.

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