Best 3 Piece Luggage Set

Plane arrivingPacking for the Trip

When traveling we always have to plan what to pack – what to take and what not to take. Then we have to revise our list as we realize that we don’t have enough room to pack everything, because the suitcase is not big enough.

The answer to this is to have more than one suitcase. That way you can pack more things but that also presents other problems. The solution for me was to buy a three piece luggage set.

The Three Piece Suitcase

A 3 piece luggage set does a number of things. The first, which was quite important to me, was that when not in use I can pack each smaller case inside the next big one. So storage wise I have just the big case with the smaller cases tucked inside. I have a small apartment so this feature was very useful indeed.

You can find some very good three piece suitcases here 3 piece luggage set And this is what should be your important criteria when shopping for a knew set of suitcases.

three suitcasesBuy a Suitcase that’s going to last

Suitcases are a bit of a Cinderella when we think about trips and vacations it’s easy to just think of the suitcase as just an accessory and go for the cheapest. But this would be wrong and ill conceived.

By spending more and by buying something a little more expensive, a little more robust. You could potentially have a case or a set of cases that will last you years. And, if it lasts you years then it will save you money in the long term.

Ideal Feature for a New Suitcase

There are only three things to consider when buying a new case our set of cases. The case carcass construction, the locking mechanism and the handle, or handles.

If the suitcase has wheels, as most do these days, then this is the fourth thing to get right.

These three/four factors rather than style designer labels, are what you need to get right. Because by getting these right you’ll have a set of suitcases that will last you years and years.

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