Electric Kettles with Temperature Control

Our New Addition

We bought a new kettle a few weeks back. And although it’s hard to get excited by a kettle this one is rather good so I’m going to tell you all about it.

We drink tea in our house, not English tea, with milk and sugar but Chinese green tea. Quite a lot of it. Plus it’s supposed to be good for you. You can drink it hot or cold, something you can’t do with tea with milk.

Green Tea Leaves

Green Tea has Benefits

We’ve been green tea drinkers for well over ten years now. We started because we wanted to reduce our intake of milk and black teas are specially blended to go with milk so they don’t taste nice if you leave the milk out.

The benefits of green tea

Green tea and weight loss

We always took jasmine tea whenever we ate out at a Chinese restaurant. So we converted to green tea quite easily. It’s amazing refreshing hot or cold, although I prefer it when it’s hot. And many years later we found out that it’s actually healthy for you as well.

A cup of steaming green teaHot – Not Boiling

But these green teas should never be made with boiling water because you loose some of the health benefits and the taste is not as refined when the water is too hot. A perfect temperature is around 85 degrees, centigrade. That’s just right and produces the perfect cuppa.

But until now it’s been almost impossible to get the water to that ideal temperature without a lot of hassle and time. Whereas most of the time you just want a quick hot drink.

The Magic of a Temperature Control

That’s when we found out that you can get kettles with a temperature control. Like the ones here temperarture control kettle That’s when we got all excited over a kettle. Because it gets the water ideal temperature for our green teas and the results are really good.A very simple idea I’m only surprised someone didn’t think of it years ago. Well now they have.

teapot poring green teaHow we make Tea

So here’s our tea making procedure:

  • Heat the water to 85 degrees.
  • Pour some water into an empty teapot, to warm it up.
  • Empty that water from the teapot.
  • Put some tea leaves in the teapot.
  • Pour in the hot water.
  • Let the tea brew for three minutes.
  • Drink it.

Three other ways to make green tea

There’s More

They other great feature of these variable temperature kettles is that they’re able to keep the water, at your chosen temperature. Our model will keep the water at 85 degrees for around twenty minutes. So the water in the kettle isn’t cooling down while your warning the tea pot (you do warm the teapot, don’t you?).

We Love It

All in all a very simple but effective device. Everyone should have one. Recommended by us. Take a look at the latest models here

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