Happy with my Robot Vac

My latest gift from Jack, my husband, is a “robot vacuum cleaner”. Flowers, chocolates, jewelery take a back seat in the gifts department, from him to me. He’s a gadget man. But to be fair, I never by him gadgets, I’m always getting him clothes, underwear, socks. Which he never seems to buy.

I suppose we’ve just gotten used to each other and fill in the short comings in the other. Which is nice and shows we’re in a good place, relationship wise.

Back to my gift, the “robot vacuum cleaner”. This has proved more useful than I’d imagined. I’m not a big fan of gadgets, especially the one’s Jack gets for me. But the robot vac is one of those exceptions. It’s really quite good.

This a good place to go if your interested in buying one yourself top vacuum cleaner robots And if you get the same model as me, you won’t be disappointed the Dyson 360 eye.

And although not cheap, it works really well. Obviously it can’t do the impossible. So you have to help out to help you. But if you keep the room decluttered and remove obstacles, then everyday it will vacuum for you.

The only thing you have to do is check if the first collection container needs emptying or not. And this is made easy as a little red light comes on when it’s time to empty.

The other advantage we have is we live in a single floor apartment. So if we leave the doors open to all the rooms, the whole apartment gets vacuumed. It goes with hard floors as well as carpets. So it’s near perfect.

My only gripe is that it won’t go right into corners. So I’ve still got a handheld vac which I used once a week and just do the edges and corners. Other than that, it’s perfect.

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