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My Experience

I never realized how different water could be until I had a home water softener installed. These small devices convert all the water entering your home, into soft water. You can see what I mean on this website http://wholehousewatersoftener.org

Soft Towels washed with soft water

Soft Towels

Benefits of a Water Softener

To cut-to-the-chase everything seems cleaner than it used to be, whether it’s washing in the shower, washing clothes and even washing plates and cups in the dishwasher. Everything feels good, much better than what we used to have. Our dishwasher struggled to get things really clean and it always left a dull look on everything. A milky film on glasses was particularly noticeable as were streaky white stains left on cutlery.

We live in a very hard water area and this was the cause of our problems. Reading that back sounds like it was a major issue, it wasn’t, it was just an annoyance. There are other problems out there which really are troublesome – this wasn’t one of them.

Home Water Softener to the Rescue

But what a relief and a pleasant surprise when the problem went away at last. Anything that makes life easier has got to be something to aim for – right?

The great thing is that once installed, a home water softener is simple to operate and that’s important. The whole system is maintenance free all you have to do is replenish the salt compartment with blocks of salt. These blocks of salt is what keeps the whole thing running and salt, an abundant material, is very cheap to source.

Clean Water Tumbler How Water Softeners Work

How does a water softener work? Well they’re quite simple really the minerals in the water are ions and these ions contain a positive charge. So your water is passed through a chamber filled with, what is almost, almost microscopic beads. These beads are negatively charged. As the water races through the positive ions stick to the beads. The result, out comes soft water.

The salts’ only purpose to allow the water softener to regenerate and this takes place automatically. After a period of time all the negatively charged beads get used up and it’s this regeneration process that allows the home water softener to work month after month, year after year – without any human intervention, except for replacing the salt blocks when they’re all used up.

Here’s a handy map where you can check if you live in a hard water area Hard water areas in the USA

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