88 key keyboard

electric keyboard pianoMy Keyboard Playing Days

Back in the nineties, I played keyboards in a college band. Later as college became a thing of the past and work became the norm, I’d jam with like minded guys and occasionally we’d play a
venue, a club or a hall. Nothing to adventurous a we all had other commitments.

My Life Changed

Musicians, singers, hangers on, came and went over the years. Then there were just three of us. Finally it was my time to go, a young child meant that all my spare time was taken up.

I got my Spare Time back

As time has gone by the demands on my spare time became less and I find that I have pockets of free time on my hands. Not enough to start playing in a band but enough to do something I enjoy. Which is playing a keyboard.

Time for a new 88 key digital piano

I have a cheap but reliable Casio keyboard which is quite good and I used it for gigs from time to time. But it’s not full 88 key keyboard. As I’m really classically trained, I wanted to replace it with something a bit more up market and with the full set of octaves.

Grand PianoA Grand Piano maybe?

Ideally I’d get a grand piano but even a small baby grand won’t fit in our small house. I’d have to take a wall of to get the thing inside . Plus there’s there’s the expense of buying it in the first place and besides I’d want to play when everyone’s gone to bed but I can’t play it as it would wake everyone up. I’d have to wait until the weekend.

Piano Keyboard 88 Keys

Then there’s tuning, which is expensive and has to be carried out several times a year to get the best out of the instrument.

So I had to set my sights a little lower and go for a upmarket keyboard. Like the ones I saw here 88 key keyboard piano

The real pianos are quite impressive. I’ve tried a few of the ones here. For me the important thing is that the keyboard must sound and behave just like a real piano and that’s what they really good ones do.

88 key keyboardbest 88 key keyboard

I know all these electronic keyboards are all reliant on the software inside but the best ones are incredibly good and very realistic.

They sound they make is extraordinary as well, very close to the real thing. Amazingly you can give the piano a different voice, a Steinway one minute a Bosendorfer the next.

Headphones on a Grand Piano?

But what I really liked was the simple headphone jack. A decent pair of headphones means that I can play whenever I want but not make a sound. It’s just me and my 88 key digital piano.

I pretty close to ordering one but it’s getting close to Christmas. So I’ll get it as a Christmas present from me, to me.

88 key Keyboards – the basics

88 key keyboards – Mastering One

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