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There are some issues that you need to be aware of if you use a wireless charger for your cell phone. Newish Android phones tend to have wireless charging built into them. So you just need an induction pad connected to your mains supply place the phone on the pad and like magic it begins charging.

The science behind these devices is based on electro-magnetism.. All these wireless chargers use a process called induction. Basically when an alternating current is passed through a coiled wire it produces a fluctuating magnetic field. If another coil is close by, but not touching, then this fluctuating magnetic field “induces” a current into this second coiled wire. The magic happens because of this continuously changing magnetic field.

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Things to Consider

But there are some things that you need to watch out for. For induction to work the two coils of wire need to be close to each other but not actually touching. They’ll be separated by an insulator. If you put your cell phone in a protective case then this increases the distance between the charging pad and the phone (the thickness of the cover) and this lowers the charging effect of the pad.

The Qi Standard

The current standard for wireless charging is known as “Qi”. With this technology the charger is able to detect if a Qi compatible device is within range. And if it is it will start the charging process. Take the device off the charger or the device becomes fully charged then the charging cycle stops. The result is that the charging pad isn’t just on all the time, using power and charging thin air, it’s actually quite intelligent.

mobile- phone cityGet a wireless charger for iphone

Chargers like these ones wirelesschargerforiphone.com provide a useful charging kit for your iphone. You connect it to your iphone’s charging port and a credit card sized panel folds over the back of your iphone and sticks to it there. This plate is the set of coils that pick up the charge through the induction effect, mentioned above.

You should also know that different charging pads can output different amounts of power measured in watts. The standard chargers can send around 5 watts of power to a device but some models will generate 15 watts and that means faster charging. 15 watts is the maximum for the Qi standard and so these devices are not so common.

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